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The REVsound studio is optimized for music composition, music arranging, music editing, midi programming, voice recording, small combo recording, overdubs, sound design & audio editing,  mixing & mastering. 

Track transfer capabilities allow us to import/export sessions with other studios.

For a list of production services, see:  REVsound Production Services



• Musical production or co-production - quoted per project.

• Recording studio with one engineer - $400 to $600 day depending on services required. Mini sessions start at $250.

We ask for a 50% deposit to book reserved session time, with a 48-hour cancellation policy.



Our Policies

Make something beautiful

Learn the rules
and find new ones

It's never just about the money



Mac & PC computing plus analog audio.

Logic Pro is our favoured software, also Nuendo, ProTools & various editing / mastering tools.

MOTU based sound cards and well maintained syc alow multitrack recording on various media simultaneously. MOTU Midi Time Piece allows allows 128 channels of MIDI on 8 ports. Our system comfortably runs 32 active stereo audio tracks, unlimited inactive “edit tracks" and an equal number of midi tracks triggered live through our multi-input analog console. Often at the mix stage we are dealing with over 70 tracks, fifty or more of them active in the mix.X-2 analog mixing  console (48 input semi-automated) with 128 points of balanced Neutrik patch bays Mix to audio files, DAT or 1/2" analog Studer A-80 or Ampex ATR-102 (special rate for analog mixes)Samplers and sound modules by AKAI, Roland and Emu Mics by Neuman, Audio Technica, AKG, Seinnheiser & Shure6 audio playback monitor systems: Tannoy 8.5's with sub woofer, Yamaha NS-10m's, auratones, various boom boxes, computer speakers and mono TV speaker Synchronize to Quicktime, ADAT, DA-88, 16 track analog

Physical Space

We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada -  downtown west, in Parkdale. Our space is an acoustically optimized recording / mixing / editing facility.
The system design allows simultaneous MIDI programming, recording and mixing in one integrated space.  Talent, engineer and producer  work together on the "same side of the glass". 
The live floor is best suited to   spoken or sung solo voice, group vocals, single instrument overdubs, small horn or string sections, and small acoustic combos. Additional  areas allow internet access, day kitchen and meeting room. 


Total 1000 sq. ft. suite

10' X 15’ performing area (holds 4 to 5 performers or 10 singers), 14' x15' control room area (seats 5 people)

We are in a lush alcove of trees and greenery with a beautiful outdoor patio.

600 sq. ft. meetings area offers internet access, photocopying and day kitchen


Time share: We are offering a time-share situation to an active engineer, producer, record label or publisher.  The studio can be supplied with or without an engineer. Please contact us for details.

REVsound Production Services

Use of Recording Studio:

    In between house projects, clients are welcome to book our studio with one engineer or assistant @  $400 to $600 per day depending on services required.

Musical Production Services :

    Single song or full album production
    Vocal arrangements, vocal production & editing, instrumental arrangements
    Beats / backing tracks, specialist in bass lines
    MIDI programming, song writing,
    Theme Music Composing for Television, Film and New Media

Audio Production Services:

    Total project management
    Voice directing & support (spoken & sung)
    Production, editing & mastering for CD, new media, broadcast, talking books
    Music mixes 
    Vocal & instrumental overdubs
    Creative sound design
    Total Project Production

Production and musical services  are available on a contract basis for a flat fee. Production royalty or music publishing share may apply.  We are open to discussing barter or partial financing.

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