Past Projects


( New Jazz Folk Roots CD Project )
ARTIST: BIg Rude Jake


Big Rude Jake's 2009 release. Made from guitar strings, voices and the stuff of Jazz, Gospel and Folk.  Big Rude Jake and Gary Justice cooked up a new spin on American songbook tradition.


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Here are some of the mixeswe were choosing from to put on the record, before they were mastered …


Jake Rude ,

Gary Justice.



In Development:




Jake Chisholm
The New Blues

Jake Med

Songs by Jake Chisholm & Gary Justice
Vocals &Gtrs Jake Chisholm
Bass:Mike Carson, Drums:Paul Brennan, Organ:GaryJustice
Arr/Prod Gary Justice

I Would Lose Anything.mp3
Vocals & Gtrs Jake Chisholm
Bass, Drums, Keyboards Gary Justice
Back Vox Gary Justice & Alana McMurtry
Arr/Prod Gary Justice





appears on Jake's recent release Love and War avial. at


In Development:



(Hip Hop CD project)
ARTIST: Tour de Force

Slo Fuse
(ConsciousR&B CD project)

ARTIST: Greenfield 
more info...

(Booty CD Project)
ARTIST: Jack-It!


Vocals:  Amoy Levy,  Moka Only
Written by Greenfield, Moka Only
Prod by Greenfield

Test Tone.mp3
Here's the raw.  This track is going into production shortly


World Of Pain.mp3
Vocals: Tia Thomas
Sax& Flutes: Ron Allen

One More Time.mp3
Vocals: Mz Mosea, Greenfield

Vocals: Jaqe McGibbon & Carlos Morgan
All songs written & prod by Greenfield


Blo Your Horn.mp3
Vocals: Susie Chee & Fernando,
Written & prod by Greenfield

Jiggle 'em Jewels.mp3

 Vocals:  Susie Chee, Fernando 
& Fitzgerald
Written & prod by Greenfield


Future Projects


Tish Amour
(Animation music artist project)

Resonance: Spiral Exit
(New Jazz Hybrid CD Project)

China Extreme
(Multimedia  drum n' bass project)


"The Uncensored Adventures Of Tish Amour"

Created for a TV series concept, this project may also be released as a virtual recording artist.

(mp3 music clips & video)


This will be a collaboration project with various Toronto "monks of jazz."


china scene

Inspired by a 2002 trip to China's mainland and Hong Kong, I  have sketched a series of drum n' bass influenced compositions,quicktime animations, a CD/CD-ROM concept and possibly an installation. Collaborative artists will include Asian DJ's and Chinese traditional instrumentalists.



REVsound Museum (these go way back)


Follow the Smoke   mp3  
1995 Euro-Dance project
Perf. by Chime (written/prod by G. Justice)

Sleeping Naked   mp3
 1996 Rock project
Perf. by Mary's Fire (written by Mary's Fire, prod by G. Justice)

Realistic   mp3
1997 Piano singer-songwriter project
Perf. by Carla Helmsworth
(written by C. Hemsworth, prod by G. Justice)

Everybody Has a Dream   mp3
1999 Tenor vocalist project  
Perf. by Duff MacDonald  (prod by G. Justice)

Money   mp3
1994 soulful Euro dance project
Perf. by Crime and Justice
(written by H. Jacobson, G. Justice, prod by G. Justice)

Tutti Fruiti Boogie   mp3 
1983 Rockbilly  project
Perf. by The Alligators
(written & Prod by G. Justice, recorded by Peter Goodale)



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